Available courses

    This link includes SBIRT introduction material and resources for preceptors working with students in clinical settings.

    This toolkit contains helpful guides for course administrators on:

    1)      Identifying student training requirements,

    2)      Describing the student self-enrollment process,

    3)      Monitoring student training progress, and;

    4)      Describing the clinical application self-assessment scoring process.

    This course provides an overview of SBIRT and student training modules for Community Champions who have an interest in working with our trainees.  

    This course is being phased out and replaced by the Faculty and Champion course 2.0 which reflects curriculum updated in January 2018.

    A library of resources for Faculty and Course Champions

    A library of resources for all SBIRT Trainees/Students.

    kate test course

    These modules are a required component of your MS4 MOUD training.
    University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Faculty:

    Dr. Antoine Douaihy

    Dr. Julie Kmiec

    This series of brief videos addresses topics important to patient care and OUD recovery.